IELTS Myths You Should Be Aware Of

IELTS tests are the most authentic test to earn proficiency in English language. But there are several myths associated with this test that you should not believe. These myths are:


  1. It is almost impossible to qualify IELTS- Every year millions of students qualify the test around the world. So this myth is just not more than a rumor.
  2. A non-English speaker cannot pass IELTS test- Thousands of young candidates do not know speaking English but still they receive good scores after preparing the exam from a reputed IELTS coaching center in Ludhiana that provides professional training.
  3. More English writing is required for high score: It is only a myth. Candidates have to write to a given limit, so writing more than required is not useful at all.
  4. Need to impress the examiner: This is really silly. If you appear for the speaking test in a good dress and speak politely with the examiner, he/she will be pleased. But making your examiner laugher is not appropriate at all. The examiner has to just check your spoken English and hence they expect only a qualified and serious candidate.
  5. Learning American accent is essential to qualify for USA entry: This is not true. The native Americans have their specific mother tongue. It is not recommended to imitate them. A candidate should only speak in clear and perfect English accent instead copy any accent.
  6. Practice previous test questions is sufficient: It does not happen always  that previous test questions repeat in the current test. Practicing old questions would improve your knowledge about the test but it is not sufficient. A candidate should understand that the myth is just a misconception.
  7. Cheating in IELTS exam is very easy: Tutors at a professional IELTS coaching center in Ludhiana strictly warn students to not to believe this very harmful myth. They should not pay attention to this. IELTS test are designed in away to prevent cheating in any case. Any caught student is prohibited from appearing in the exam for a couple of years. So you should not try cheating, better to work hard.
  8. Different country demand different tests: IELTS have two specific formats- Academic test and general training test. Both versions are same in any part of the world. So you should not be afraid of this misconception.

Eventually, you should be aware of these misconceptions to stay safe.